The Wedding Storyteller


Can the package be customized?

Each and every wedding is unique; coverage is based upon the couples need.

Do we provide Videography/Cinema services?

We provide exclusive wedding photography services for video; you may refer to "CINEMA" page on the website for further details.

Double booking?

No. We do only ONE wedding on selected weeks throughout the and never double book. We are owner/operator; providing excellent quality and exceptional client experience is important to us therefore do not sub contract any shoot to others. Each shoot is executed with clients best interest not what is "convenient".

Price includes tax?

Yes. The listed price includes taxes and the preferred method of payment is e-transfer.

How many photographers?

We are a team of 2 photographers. Both Rav and myself have been professionally shooting weddings since 1999. We bring two perspectives and two simultaneous angles to your wedding day. As a team, we work together to capture your day from various vantage points using different techniques and lenses. Both of us have formal education in Film and Lighting and as of 2019; we bring 20 years of experience in the indian wedding industry.

What style of photography?

Documentary or photojournalistic style with natural look sums it up. We do not pose couples as much; only when it is required. Capturing the emotions and energy of the couple and keeping it similar to the natural surrounding when the exact moment happened. We shoot with as much natural light possible without setting up heavy lighting equipment.

Do you accommodate specific requests for pictures we want?

Yes. It’s your wedding and the aim is to capture your special day; the best way possible. We are always looking to connect and create new ideas with our clients.

What is the editing process like?

We sort, organize and colour correct the images where its needed. Our style is pure and true to life. Any experienced photographer will shoot it RIGHT from the beginning.  Once this process is completed; we work countless hours to design a customized layout for the wedding album(optional).

How many pictures do you shoot?

Unlimited pictures are taken without overwhelming duplicates.

Do you shoot anything other than weddings?

We specialize ONLY in wedding and reception photography.

What is the completion time frame?

We do give out all images shot on USB within 30 days and anticipated timeline for completion of an album is 6 to 8 weeks.

How will we receive the photographs?

All images shot given will be on an USB flash drive in high resolution together with full copyright release.

How to book?

We can schedule a consultation and if we all have "connected". I will require a signed contract and $500 retainer to book the date.

To book a consultation; call (778)881-8835